Manual turner

Manual turner

Job description

- Turning and milling using manual lathes of elements made of steel and tin alloys

- Handling of manual lathes

- Making details based on technical documentation

- Supervision over the operation of the machine, reporting failures and supplementing technological documentation

- Proper selection of turning tools

- Handling of measuring instruments (electronic caliper, micrometer)

- Interpretation of technical drawings

Position requirements

- Experience as an operator of manual lathes (at least 3 years - a prerequisite)

- Experience in operating a manual vertical lathe will be an added advantage

- Good knowledge of technical drawing

- Ability to select turning tools

- Great knowledge of measurement tools

- Ability to plan and organize work well

- Team work

- Ready to work in a two-shift system

- Independence, communicativeness (Polish or English at a good level)

We offer

- work in Wrocław
- work in 2 shifts (6-14; 14-22)
- Ability to work overtime 5-6 days a week
- rate PLN 33-35/hour
- nationality does not matter, but the candidate must be able to communicate (Polish or English)
- small company, good conditions
- accommodation and transport on your own

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