Construction electrician - industrial

Construction electrician - industrial

Job description

About us:

WORKSOL Group is a company operating in the HR industry since 2009. We provide personnel to leading companies in Poland and in the world or we work for them as a subcontractor. This time we are pleased to present a job offer for a construction and industrial electrician ). The works will be performed on the premises of the Chopin airport in Warsaw during the installation of the Airbus A350 cabin simulator for LOT SA Our client, Spatial Composite Solutions based in the United Arab Emirates, became a supplier of this type of simulator as a certified supplier of Airbus. The tasks of our staff will be the support of qualified Spatial staff who will come to assemble the simulator.

Attention ! Work for the duration of the project from October 15, 2022 to October 31, 2022

Position requirements

  • electrician work experience - 3 years;
  • SEP 1KV qualifications
  • carrying out electrical installations in accordance with the technical documentation;
  • controlling the quality of the work performed on an ongoing basis, including controlling the functionality of the installation, removing faults;
  • preparation for acceptance and commissioning of electrical installations;
  • performing post-assembly (acceptance) measurements of electrical installations and the effectiveness of the applied anti-shock protection;
  • performing minor assembly, locksmith and construction works during the installation (post-installation) works;
  • knowledge of English is welcome

We offer

  • remuneration: PLN 40 / hour net;
  • number of working hours: from 8 to 10 hours a day from October 15, 2022 to October 31, 2022;
  • form of employment: mandate contract;

Additional information:

  • link presenting the scope of work to be performed: ;
  • place of work: Chopin Airport - Warsaw;
  • accommodation: no accommodation due to project implementation;
  • we accept employees of any nationality, also without knowledge of the Polish language (skills count);
  • free workwear
  • we are looking for 3 people

Attention !!! we are also looking to work on this project
  • mechanics assembling machines and devices
  • assembly assistants

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